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Marketing Strategy

Marketing helps keeps companies focused on delivering value to their customers.  I can help you align your marketing strategy and tactics to your business goals.

Marketing & Sales Enablement

A well-defined marketing and sales enablement system accelerates leads through the pipeline, and drives revenue.  Let me help you design and develop an effective system that unifies your sales and marketing resources and activities.

Market Analysis

Understanding your target customers is key to delivering value.  I can help you  segment your target customers, and align your marketing and sales strategy to their buying journey.

Channel Strategy and Promotion

Demand generation depends on a good mix of inbound and outbound tactics.  I can help you define your channel strategy and promotion tactics based on your top-line revenue goals.

Content Marketing

Strong content marketing programs generate new leads by showing your target customers how you solve their problems.  I can help you develop a robust content marketing strategy  that delivers qualified leads for your sales team.

Marketing Analytics

A robust marketing dashboard  consolidates all your key marketing data so you can make more informed decisions about what's working.  I can help define and develop your marketing analytics dashboard.

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